McGuinness on…the District Line, stay sublime

Posted on March 7, 2011


Oh District Line, my first memory

Of travelling into the big city.

No, cars and buses do not compare.

I love that you’re always there

To ferry me from A-to-B

Alongside the C2C

Out here in Essex, my home county.

It's only as bare as this at the end of the line. Everyone loves her, baby.

Green across the London map


The fullest line, there is no gap

To mind when going from East to West.

Or West to East, whichever’s best.

You have the prettiest old wagons, you

Beautiful lady, efficient, too.

Please keep trundling, my Betty Blue.

Your upgrades have taken forever and a day

And more besides, but don’t delay.

The green that connects the Green Belt - the wonderful District Line

We miss you running on full service

My sweet and cosy Whirling Dervish.

Everyone else seems to bitch

About how slow you are to hitch.

But screw them, my love, your life is rich.

The views on your journeys can’t be matched,

And on you many plans are hatched.

You’ve followed me south when I left home.

You deserve to be dolled-up in chrome.

Your pitter-patter rattle is cute and sweet,

Your rock and roll of wheel’d feet,

Your whistle as moving as a nightingale’s tweet.