A stone’s throw from trouble

Posted on March 21, 2011


Last week Central Line trains found themselves under attack from stone-throwing ne’erdowells whose houses and hangouts back on to the tracks.

I thought I’d check out the scene myself, but I didn’t have time so can only tell you a bit about the area.

The trains were pelted while travelling between Stratford and Leyton, near to the site from which cables were stolen early last month.

To label the area as deprived is harsh, but in the context of London it’s unfortunately true. While I have no concerns that any severe damage or injury was intended from the stone-throwing, the incident coincided nicely with reports of council cuts to sporting facilities, which themselves had reduced crime and reoffending as it took those at risk and gave them ropes and taught them to fight!

What better way to start the legacy of the Olympics than to reduce the availability for local people to participate in sport?

By giving them more time to smash up the area, thereby ramping up the redevelopment costs required to match the sustainable and positive redevelopment of East London for the next decade!

In other news, I need to migrate the blog to a new URL, so watch this space for further details.

If you’re interested in becoming a contributor for the site then I would like to hear from you – all experiences of the tube and transport are welcome as it’d be great to try to get a London-wide underground community come out from the dark and start fighting for a better standard of commuting!