Nice day for a beach party

Posted on March 23, 2011


So instead of trekking to the coast I decided to go across London town, by hook and by crook, to get to where I was required. Standard. But I have a feeling that this summer may be the hottest ever experienced beneath the workings of our beautiful capital.

There was a cooling breeze that ensured I wouldn’t overheat when stepping off the train at Angel this morning, a gust that reminded me of Florida last year, when the weather was at a wonderfully tolerable 22C and wasn’t so still that it became uncomfortable.

I’d hazard to guess that the temperature gauge just started to tip towards the unpleasant today, certainly in the afternoon when I’d second-guessed the commuters and jumped on the bus. It was hot enough in an office of six people throughout the day, let alone a carriage with a hundred or a network with a million crammed between armpits and travelbags.

In the past I’ll admit to having donned inappropriate footwear for such a journey; no longer can I get away with wearing sandals or flip flops given the inevitable stench they kick up. It’s not to say that they’re inappropriate for everyone, but I have realised that sometimes the scent of foot odour can worm its way into even the least sensitive nostril.

People passing out from the heat happens often during the summer

And so we come to the inevitable debate. On the 23rd March, earlier than usual in the year, before even the clocks have gone forward, when will air conditioning come to the tube?

Personally, I think we’re still thirty years away. Given the difficulty of upgrading a few old signals and the logistical nightmare it is proving to be on some of the more utilised lines in my part of the world in the south west corner of the capital, and that tweaks to the testing of the air conditioning technology have been taking place for at least five years, it won’t be done in time for the Olympics. Let alone when the weather picks up in the next fortnight.

Apparently they are in operation, but not on any popular route at peak time.

One thing is for sure, though. Manufacturers of miniature electric fans will enjoy a good summer on current form.