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Travelling light, smelling alright

April 1, 2011


Most of the underground network gets very sweaty and very uncomfortable, moreso than just the seating arrangements, in the summertime. And I am embarking on a plan to reduce its affect on me where possible. Advertisements

McGuinness on…what a difference a day makes (on the tube)

March 16, 2011


Monday 14th March – Evening Standard reports that only one day in the previous year (May 11th) all the tubes ran on time, without problems, all day. Tuesday 15th March – Evening Standard doesn’t run any stories or letters or comments about the Tube at all.

McGuinness on…the District Line, stay sublime

March 7, 2011


Oh District Line, my first memory Of travelling into the big city. No, cars and buses do not compare. I love that you’re always there To ferry me from A-to-B Alongside the C2C Out here in Essex, my home county.

McGuinness on…a quick round-up of the week, tube-wise

February 27, 2011


I’d like to test the waters to see whether, if I can manage it, a quick round-up of a week’s activity on the tube might be worthwhile and/or useful. So here goes.

McGuinness on…my eternal Valentine

February 14, 2011


It’s St Valentine’s Day. It’s my father’s birthday. Yet even as I return home from university to my doting fiancée, who has assured me that my dinner will be ready when I get in, I wonder about what my mistress will be doing without me this evening.

McGuinness on…the real power of the media today

January 7, 2011


Having inadvertently missed a deadline this evening, I feel it’s only right that I try to make up for it with a blog entry related to the subject of the media.

McGuinness on…Holidays are comin’

November 14, 2010


  Yes, I’m sitting through the X-Factor. Yes, we all saw the new Coke advert.