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McGuinness on…the (copy)righteous ones

February 18, 2011


Think of your homework. So you’ve Googled a point, you’ve taken the best-fitting answers to the question you are faced with from the websites that you’ve found. You’ve probably referenced them, because it’s that sort of an essay. But did you ask the writers’ permission to use their information? Advertisements

McGuinness on…the real power of the media today

January 7, 2011


Having inadvertently missed a deadline this evening, I feel it’s only right that I try to make up for it with a blog entry related to the subject of the media.

McGuinness on…from science to story

December 21, 2010


It’s been a week of work experience. Now I will plan to tell you how I saw the world spin.

McGuinness on…why I actually think I like science

December 15, 2010


This week I have been mostly working at the Science Media Centre, in the Royal Institution.

Who said community was dead?

October 26, 2010


Since the demise of big industry and manufacturing across Britain, many have commented that the notion of community no longer exists, or at least there has been a substantial decline around people’s decisions on whether or not to get involved within their local districts and peoples.

Websites, Screenreaders and Google

October 12, 2010


Websites, screenreaders and Google is a blog entry that helps people understand the future of the internet and how a dry-tone of writing is successful.

The screenreader sleeps tonight

October 12, 2010


Having sat through numerous sessions on how to make a website work, by making it appeal to readers and by making it appeal to Google, I am about to set forward on a tirade of personal disinterest towards the whole thing. Before going back, editing it so that I may get some more hits, adding […]