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McGuinness on…best t-shirt idea ever

November 22, 2010


This is a beauty. I’ve had it running around my mind for a while, but I haven’t yet managed to get the resources to produce one. Basically you have the front half blue, the back red and the middle a spectrum of something in between. It’s simple physics! ‘McGuinness Advertisements

McGuinness on…selling shoes

November 21, 2010


Easy advert, and it’ll look great. Man walking along, looking down at phone. Many people walk past, especially some quite pretty ladies.┬áBut why doesn’t he perk up? Switch to the man’s eye-view. He only sees screen of his phone and shoes of those walking past him. Pretty boring. Until… Great shoes comes along. He hears […]

McGuinness on…will stranded miners don our screens again?

November 19, 2010


Following an explosion in a mine in New Zealand, 27 people are still missing. But what will come of it?