McGuinness on…a quick round-up of the week, tube-wise

February 27, 2011


I’d like to test the waters to see whether, if I can manage it, a quick round-up of a week’s activity on the tube might be worthwhile and/or useful. So here goes. Advertisements

McGuinness on…how the tube connects the people

February 22, 2011


From the busiest airport in Europe to a land known to most drunks as the most hilarious abuse of the poetic licence afforded to town namers, from the world famous film studios in the West to the forest where Dick Turpin camped out in the East, the underground truly connects the people.

McGuinness on…the (copy)righteous ones

February 18, 2011


Think of your homework. So you’ve Googled a point, you’ve taken the best-fitting answers to the question you are faced with from the websites that you’ve found. You’ve probably referenced them, because it’s that sort of an essay. But did you ask the writers’ permission to use their information?

McGuinness on…the greatest fear for the tube

February 17, 2011


Drowning. Underwater, underground. Sort of like the unfortunate souls in the bowels of the Titanic and other ill-fated ships. That was the worst-case scenario I’d envisaged by the time I decided to disembark and get the bus home instead this afternoon during rush hour.

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McGuinness on…my eternal Valentine

February 14, 2011


It’s St Valentine’s Day. It’s my father’s birthday. Yet even as I return home from university to my doting fiancée, who has assured me that my dinner will be ready when I get in, I wonder about what my mistress will be doing without me this evening.

McGuinness on…weekend closures and ‘progress’ of engineering work

February 8, 2011


Work on the Waterloo and City line on Sunday night left dust across the entire network – all two stations – causing travel disruption for a couple of hours on the Monday rush hour. I personally wasn’t caught up in it, choosing to slum it on the Northern line. But along with signal problems on the […]

McGuinness on…Bank lifts are actually quite useful

February 4, 2011


On my way back from ITV’s This Morning today I went via Bank and used the lifts for the first time.

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